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Cryptoinstant Limited came into being in 2009 following the rapid global growth of Bitcoin and associated cryptocurrency markets. As investors’ ambitions grew, we recognized the need for a platform that matched their lofty expectations. Our team comprises of the best of engineers, each harboring a deep interest in the core technology of Bitcoin as well as the mining and trading opportunity it presents.

We quickly assembled a variety of strategies focused on the technical analysis of trading data, analyzing the fundamentals and evolving our areas of expertise. As our experience grew, our performance improved to the point we have now established robust trading strategies we can apply to any rising cryptocurrency. Recent years have been lucrative for our team, and we have full confidence such success will only continue.

Cryptoinstant Limited also run several mining facilities across the world, leveraging leading-edge technologies to mine Bitcoin with unprecedented efficiency. Such ability allows us to make unparalleled assurances around our – and your – prospective profitability.

We continue to invest in optimizing both our mining and trading systems, as we have an unwavering belief in the power of cryptocurrency. In particular, we will preserve focus on the most traded currency – Bitcoin.

Our primary strategic goals are the investment in and capital growth of Cryptoinstant Limited; ongoing mining and trading operations; and a healthy ROI for all those associated with the platform. Given the persistent popularity of Bitcoin – with its leading market capitalization – we envisage a highly prosperous future.

We continue to refine our product portfolio to ensure both clients and investors have access to a financially efficient, profitable and easy-to-use system. Any user of our platform will appreciate the simplicity of navigation, the clean presentation of information, and an ability to track funds invested and capital appreciation with maximum ease.

Our technical team takes great pride in the system it has built; this is a remarkable unit who have developed a product that anyone would feel comfortable navigating. Moreover, our technological architecture has the most rigorous, well-established security protocols that guarantee the protection of your funds, and your data.

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